Featured image of article: FES And ConVal Students Collaborate On Pirate-Themed Story

FES And ConVal Students Collaborate On Pirate-Themed Story

The theme for this year’s Children and the Arts Festival is “A Pirate’s Life for Me.”

On Wednesday, students from Mrs. Seale’s fourth-grade class at Francestown Elementary School and students from ConVal High School collaborated on creating a pirate-themed story in Ms. Vanat’s English classroom. The collaboration was inspired by District Arts Integration Coordinator Jeannie Connolly.

Together, the students did some prewriting exercises that explored famous pirate characters from literature and film, the lives that they have been portrayed as leading, the types of ships on which they sailed, and the activities in which they engaged. Also part of the lesson was a lesson in geography, such as naming the world’s major oceans. After the pre-writing assignments, the students worked in pairs or small groups to write and illustrate their stories.

The Peterborough Children and the Arts Festival will take place on May 19. For program details, please see the organization’s website at childrenandthearts.org.