Featured image of article: SEL Integration

This year, to help support the social emotional needs of our multi age classrooms, Jen Swasey, our school counselor, is integrating many of her lessons right into the academic day. This allows students to develop their social emotional skills right alongside their academic ones. Jen is currently working with Team Squirrel on how to take turns while playing a game with peers.

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Featured image of article: FES Open House

Next Wednesday, September
25th from 6 – 7pm.

The format will be a little different this year. We are
asking families to come promptly at 6 and go to your child’s classroom. There
you will get a tour from your child and complete a short activity with them
about your hopes and dreams for their year at FES.

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Featured image of article: Seed Exploration with the Harris Center

Team Squirrel worked with the Harris Center to explore different kinds of seeds and how they travel. Students learned that some seeds are dispersed by the wind, others attach themselves to animals and take a little ride, while others get eaten by animals in one place and deposited later in a much different place. Students made scientific observations,

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Featured image of article: Cornucopia Project

This year, the Cornucopia Project is working with our whole Team Squirrel. Students spent their time today weeding out the gardens, planting lettuce, spinach, and dill, and investigating what happened over the summer in the gardens. There was a lot of feeling, digging, smelling, looking, listening, and tasting. Students snacked on the kale that had grown tremendously over the summer.

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