Multi-age in Francestown

During its meeting on May 21st, the ConVal School Board expressed its support for Francestown to shift from traditional grade-level instruction to multi-age instruction. This is in alignment with the District’s Strategic Plan. FES plans to instruct students in two grade bands (K-2 & 3-4) as a pedagogical philosophy vs. a financial decision.

This model is based on the idea that each student develops academic skills at their own pace. Students will receive instruction based on where they are academically instead of based on chronological age. We have been using this model successfully throughout the year during our intervention blocks and now we are expanding it to the whole day.

Students will be instructed using a team approach, with three educators primarily responsible for each grade band. There is a lot of flexibility in this model and the goal is to provide instruction for each student in such a way that they are challenged, but not frustrated.

We will be holding two informational sessions for anyone who is interested in what this will look like for students, teachers, and families next year. Please join us on June 6, at either 3:45 or 5:30 in the FES Library.

Please let us know if you need childcare in order to attend by calling the office 547-2976.